Car Wreck

Had a wreck today. Sore and feel off but okay. Other person not hurt. Thank goodness!

She jumped out of the car and started yelling at me like I was the antichrist I was like look lady, you were turning and you stopped dead in front of me. I clipped the right end of her car as she was turning and stopped.

I know it was my fault but I didn’t need her jumping out and being all in my face… it wasn’t even that bad of a hit. She will get a new bumper out of it, and that better be all because she was walking all around her car and running her mouth to the cop on duty. I just hope that she doesn’t end up trying to sue me. At least I have full coverage insurance.

I just am glad my mom wasn’t hurt.


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1. I am 40
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10. Have fun!!!!

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