Raised in humble surroundings in poorer parts of Tennessee, Tina grew up learning about God and how to be spoiled by the help of her mother’s parents. Moving to the city at the age of 10,her life changed forever (at least in her mind her world was over).
She went from a country bumpkin to a stranger in a new school where everyone made fun of her and called her names and she fell hard and fast in love with a boy with the most beautiful brown eyes that the world would have ever seen. Like a scene from an angsty tween film, she was walking down a hallway and he kicked her on the leg as she walked by, and that was the moment she got them. Butterflies. Never again did she have that feeling that she had that day. Not even the day she met her husband. She didn’t get the boy, nor the white picket fence or the 1.2 kids. What she did get was maybe more than what most would say someone would have bargained for, but she thinks she ended up pretty good so far.
With God on her side and hopefully time she plans on raising two adorable Kitthes and cjpsdcgenjoy the rest of her days just being her. No man. Just herself and her babies, and maybe she might just write a book. Because she knows that her life story would certainly be something that others just might find interesting.
She enjoys writing to people on Facebook, YouTube and loves Periscope. If you guys or gals would love to catch a live stream feel free to add her on Periscope.


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