One Year Ago Today

my-snapshot_14What was I doing?
What has happened?
What did I learn?
What did I miss?

Honestly I have no idea what I was doing, too much has happened and I have learned a few too many valuable lessons to write them out here.
I DID learn, however, to once and for all rid myself of people who put conditions on our friendship.

Did I lose a lot of friends? Yep.
Do I miss those friends? Nope.  If you are going to put a condition on our friendship then I see no reason to continue being your friend. If you tell me that we cannot be friends for XYZ then you are basically telling me that I have to jump through hoops for just you. Hoops that I would have probably jumped through anyway if you had not forced me to telling you I wouldn’t jump into since you forced my hand, because I loved our friendship but since you had to be selfish and demand that I choose between you or the other person, I chose ME.

What did I miss this last year.


Gotta go now. There are great people out there that I haven’t met yet and I am busy getting to know more each day.
Maybe you should have thought about that before you treated me like garbage and a plaything.
I was never a toy or a piece of trash.
I finally learned after all these years that you tried to tell me all along you were a troll I just wouldn’t listen.  I had actually thought you were my FRIEND.. what a gag. YOU my FRIEND. I can actually laugh about that now. I can sit back and have a great big old belly laugh at the fact that you cannot have REAL friends. You can only have friends with conditions. However, I learned. I got it. I was never real, it was all fake. I finally got it.
I finally did.

I hope you enjoy trolling around for someone else to break. This old girl has many great new people in her life that really do care about her and she is VERY happy about it.

God bless and keep you all.

Remember to smile at someone. You never know if your smile makes the entire difference in someone’s day.
See you soon.

Love ya