Just another day in paradise!

1918192_10153938902537298_8134779946552445220_nI used to just let people run all over me. Let them hurt my feelings and use me like a rug or a walking mat because I didn’t think that I would have better.

Since my x and I broke up (not the ex husband but the x boyfriend) I have learned how to be stronger in my resolve and how not to be a welcome mat for men. It really is empowering to say the least.

You truly know your self worth and you have complete control over what happens in your own life. Gone are the days of waiting on texts and messages and waiting on a man to get online to spend time with me. If a man wants to spend time with me he will MAKE time, I won’t wait anymore. I am worth it. I am worth someone’s time and energy. I am important enough.

Well I am going to go now. I hope you all are having a great day! Love and kisses.




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