Degree Motion Sense Dry Spray

12307330_959036767498476_3234669340781309112_o     I have got to let you all in on my new favorite and possibly one of my newest luxury items. I received a box from Influenster for testing. Nestled inside I found a bottle (a full bottle I might add) of Degree Motion Sense Dry spray Antiperspirant.

I was hesitant to try a new type of deodorant since I had to use the same one all the time after realizing that I had the most horrible time with body odor due to chemicals after surgery. (To date so far I have had 15 surgeries that is. ) my trusty sidekick a.k.a. arrid extra dry was no longer working for me, matter of fact it was actually speeding up the process and it was so embarrassing. Especially someone of my weight. I had never, EVER had body odor. At my heaviest I always made sure that I didn’t smell badly. However, no matter how clean I washed or kept I had body odor.

The idea of making a change, even a small one to test out this product was scary to say the least. I had doctors appointments and had to go out into the public so it was really stressful and I would find out for sure just how great this product worked.I have no idea why I was so worried. This is a miracle! It goes on without any color. No powder residue and it dries on contact. The scent isn’t overwhelming and the protection lasts and lasts. Way better than the deodorant I switched after mine failed .

     My suggestion is visit your local Walmart and pick up a bottle of Degree Motion Sense Dry Spray! It has a 48 hour hold and goes on and dries instantly! If you have any questions about how to join Influenster or about this product please feel free to contact me right away!(REMEMBER It is 100% free to join and 100% free to review products! You never pay for anything, one person per household please.) #TryDry Product
Tina C.

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