Wow, a friend from Facebook found this blog and I hadn’t realized that I still had it sitting here just waiting for me to use it.

The last blog I wrote was about my six year relationship. The guy that I had worshiped for so long but he was married. He lied to me all that time and just finally decided to come out and tell me the truth.

He finally just got nasty with me and we had a falling out and that was it. I ended up telling him what I thought about his new gf/wife what ever she was and how he treated me and that was the end of our relationship. But honestly we didn’t have anything. He never shared his life with me. He only wanted to use me for his gain. His pleasure, his toy. That is all I was to him. Something he could take off a shelf and play with, hurt and then take back and put back up until he wanted to take me back down again.

I am  happy to say that I have met a wonderful guy now. He is amazing. He and I don’t have the perfect relationship. That would be a lie, but what we do have is a hundred times better than what I had with the liar. He is honest with me, he actually cams with me and we have honest conversations not like before with the guy that made empty promises and never showed up.

I am in a much better place now, it is not perfection but I don’t think I will ever be able to find a perfect life for myself. I think I effed that up a long time ago. When I decided that a normal relationship wasn’t what I would ever be able to have.

Oh well.. I am glad that I have moved on.

Happier and healthier



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