Hello and welcome!

Greetings, I am your host, Tina.

I have been hosting my live broadcasts now for over six years.
Here are a few things you may want to know about me and the Royal Room:
1. I am 40
2. I am not married, have children or want children.
3. I DO NOT want to see your d*ck or any other part of your body unclothed.
4. No I DO NOT want to watch you play with yourself on camera. There happen to be more YOUNG adults on this site than any other and you think that you being older than me, playing with yourself under a blanket is okay? Think again!
5. I don’t kick people out of my chat room. I BAN. I have well over 1700 banned members and the list keeps growing on a daily basis.
6. My name is NOT a title, and I DO NOT know the Queen of England. It is a NICKNAME and just that. I prefer Tina thank you very much. Not bb, baby, or any other pet name you can use. That is reserved for someone very special in my life and you are not it.
7. Be respectful of everyone around you. I can assure you kindness goes a lot further than being nasty and sour.
8. Respect my moderators. They have that title for a reason. You obviously do not for a reason. Do the math.
9. IF MY CAMS ARE OFF THEY WILL STAY OFF UNLESS I WANT TO TURN YOURS ON. Don’t come in demanding to be allowed on cam. Chances are if you have never been in my live before you won’t be allowed on camera.
10. Have fun!!!!

Thanks and I look forward to chatting with you all soon!!!


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